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[Announcement] Thinking the Republic of China: An International Symposium

  • 2021-08-16
  • 張力臻

International Sinology Community Platform in NSYSU will hold “Thinking the Republic of China: An International Symposium” from August 26th to September 6th. We invite sinologists from Taiwan, Canada, USA, France, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong to attend the online international symposium. Together, we will read and discuss the upcoming publication of Prof. Yang Rur-bin, Thinking the Republic of China, and investigate how it re-estimate the value of the historical heritage of the Republic of China. Furthermore, we consider what resources the history of the Republic of China can provide to the contemporary Chinese world, which help improve our society, achieving the unity of politics and the enhancement of educational works.
Time: August 26th to September 6th, each day we invite different scholars to share with different topics.
Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/GSFatNSYSU2021
Registration Link: https://forms.gle/vw1WTgtHhdDMAyqC7