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Academic Activities

Title Date
[Lecture] Where to find “Xuán”? Discussion on the Controversy between Science and Metaphysics in the Early Republic
[Lecture] Discussion on the creative principles in Chinese calligraphy
[Announcement] Observing mythology and philosophy through the lens of time
[Lecture] Re-presenting the rare book: Three rare books of Ye De-Huei in the light of technological transformations
[Announcement] Young Scholars Forum on European Sinology: A Joint Sinology Forum with undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Chinese Studies, Sofia University and the Department of Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University.
[Lecture] Reflection and deliberation: Starting from the study of pre-Qin philosophy in the past 40 years in Taiwan
[Lecture] Perceiving the world from the Mogao caves
[Announcement] Career forum on Chinese language teaching(Wednesday, Nov. 24th)

[Announcement] The 7th “NSYSU─NDHU” undergraduate and graduate students’ joint seminar: Registration and agenda
[Lecture] What is a library?
[Announcement] Workshop: Old language, new knowledge: Modern translation of classical literature
 [Call for Papers] Si-Wan Literature Awards 2021
[ Call for Papers] The 7th NSYSU & NDHU Graduate Student Conference
【Lecture】Modern Fiction: Corpse of the Story, Frankenstein of Creation, and the Dark Soul in Modern Fictio
【Lecture】 Economic Commodity in Shao-Zhi Xu’s Dream of the Red Chambe