NSYSU Chinese


Academic Activities

Title Date
[Lecture] Be a Successful Editor on First Try (Nah)Speaker: KiKi Wang (Editor-in-Chief of Megao Magazine)
[Lecture] Academic Lecture: Discussion on Text Annotation
[Lecture] Academic Lecture: Developing Critical Thinking: Must-know Research Paper Techniques for College Students
[Lecture] Academic Lecture: Writing Cosmic Poetry on the Train: Reality and Imagination while Movin
[Lecture] In-class Lecture: How to Build a Personal Database
[Lecture] In-class Lecture: Character Study and Digital Archive: Using Li Bing-Nan’s Educational Works and Life Records Collection Project as Example
[Lecture] In-class Lecture: How to come up with a research topic? Thoughts on the research topic of death in Buddhist Records of the Numinous in early Tang Dynasty 
[Announcement] In-class Lecture: Reading “Qiye” from the Qinghua Manuscripts
[Announcement] In-class Lecture: The Principles of Chinese Writing: “The Six Scripts” as a Classical Reading
[Lecture] Where to find “Xuán”? Discussion on the Controversy between Science and Metaphysics in the Early Republic
[Lecture] Discussion on the creative principles in Chinese calligraphy
[Announcement] Observing mythology and philosophy through the lens of time
[Lecture] Re-presenting the rare book: Three rare books of Ye De-Huei in the light of technological transformations
[Announcement] Young Scholars Forum on European Sinology: A Joint Sinology Forum with undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Chinese Studies, Sofia University and the Department of Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University.
[Lecture] Reflection and deliberation: Starting from the study of pre-Qin philosophy in the past 40 years in Taiwan